Welcome to Sensory Inclusive

Classroom Foundation

We empower educators and foster inclusive learning environments for all

students by promoting sensory inclusivity through resources, training, and support.

Our Mission

At the Sensory Inclusive Classroom Foundation, our mission is clear: advance sensory inclusivity in education. We provide educators with comprehensive training and resources, addressing the diverse sensory needs of students. Our advocacy raises awareness among educators, administrators, and policymakers. Through community building, research, and supporting underprivileged schools, we strive for a more inclusive and equitable society. Collaboration and partnerships amplify our impact, addressing a significant societal need—inclusive educational environments.

Our Story

As parents to a son with Autism and ADHD, witnessing our child's daily struggles fueled our commitment to create positive change. This led to founding the Sensory Inclusive Classroom Foundation. Driven by empathy and a sense of responsibility, we believe every child, regardless of their sensory differences, deserves a tailored and quality education. Join us in fostering inclusion, empathy, and compassion within educational institutions. Together, let's transform challenges into opportunities for a brighter future.

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